Seven Hawks named NSCA All-American Athletes of the Year

Seven Hawks named NSCA All-American Athletes of the Year

By Chuck Tidmore

Sports Information Assistant 


MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Seven Huntingdon student-athletes were among those honored with the release of the National Strength and Conditioning Association's All-American Athlete of the Year awards.

The seven student-athletes were Audrianna Hargitt, D.J. Horner, Jesse Rowlen, Will Thrash, Cody Shoemaker, Jello Weatherspoon and Drew Wheeler. Each athlete was nominated by Huntingdon Director of Strength and Conditioning Charlie Goodyear, for their determination to improve in athletics while maintaining academic prominence.

"I am really excited to have these seven student-athletes be named NSCA All-Americans," Goodyear said. "I am happy of the wide variety of athletic programs that have received this award this year and in previous years. It reflects our direction of the athletic department and the culture we are trying to set.

"I want to thank the athletes for their commitment to the strength and conditioning programs we set for them and I would also like to thank all the coaches for pushing their athletes. Without them, this wouldn't be possible." 

This is the 38th year the NSCA has presented the All-American Athlete of the Year awards. 




2016: Jenna Dorman (Women's Basketball), Jesse Dunn (Softball), Jake Green (Football), Octavis Harris (Football), John Iwaniec (Football), Patrick Kucera (Baseball) Deon Maxwell (Wrestling), Alec Raley (Baseball), Landon Sessions (Baseball), Jacob Wright (Football)

2015: Phillip Bagley (Football), Taylor Belsterling (Football), Jamichael Bibb (Football), Lauren Condon (Volleyball), Jordan Criswell (Baseball), J. Gardiner (Baseball), Kalen Morgan (Volleyball)

2013: Dakota Hooper (Football)

2011: Keith Anthony (Football)