176 Hawks recognized on USA South Academic All-Conference Team

176 Hawks recognized on USA South Academic All-Conference Team

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. – More than 170 Huntingdon College student-athletes were recognized with the release of the USA South Academic All-Conference team on Wednesday.

A total of 176 Hawks, representing each of Huntingdon's 15 athletic programs, were among the 1,445 USA South student-athletes named to the team.

To be eligible, a student-athlete must have earned a 3.0 GPA during each semester of the school year. Members of sports not sponsored by the conference, including women's golf, men's lacrosse and wrestling, are eligible for recognition.

Nine of the conference members placed at least 100 student-athletes on the team. Huntingdon had the highest total in the conference, followed by LaGrange with 154 honorees, Piedmont with 150 and Methodist with 139.

To view the complete USA South Academic All-Conference team, click here.

Huntingdon's Academic All-Conference selections are listed below.

Brandon Abejon (Wrestling)

Jackson Alexander (Football)

Kaylee Andrews (Women's Basketball)

Luke Ates (Baseball)

 Phillip Bagley (Football) Dakota Beane (Baseball) Abiba Bernard (Women's Basketball)  Raheem Berry (Men's Basketball) 
Katie Bianco (Women's Lacrosse) Brandi Blair (Softball)  Kira Bohlke (Women's Soccer)  Katie Bonner (Women's Basketball) 
 Hunter Booth (Football) Lauren Bosch (Softball)  Hunter Bower (Baseball)  Mikalah Bowman (Women's Lacrosse) 
 Bennett Brantley (Football)  Ashton Brinley (Softball) Jenell Buckner (Women's Lacrosse)  Bryce Bump (Football) 
 Chance Byrd (Football) Kaitlyn Carter (Volleyball)  Scotty Chadwick (Men's Basketball)  Ashley Childs (Volleyball) 
 Josh Clayton (Men's Lacrosse) Anna Cockrell (Women's Basketball)  Lauren Condon (Volleyball)  Deidre Corbin (Volleyball) 
 Will Cosby (Baseball)  Jordan Criswell (Baseball) Madi Critcher (Women's Soccer)  Jackson Cruce (Baseball) 
 Kyelie Cudnohoske (Women's Soccer) Jessie Culey (Women's Golf)   Dakota Dalrymple (Baseball) Davis Dalton (Men's Lacrosse) 
 Zach Dedman (Men's Soccer) Zach den Besten (Men's Soccer)  Cody Dixon (Wrestling)  Sterling Dixon (Men's Golf) 
 Jenna Dorman (Women's Basketball) Hunter Dreaden (Baseball)   Tiarrial Duncan (Women's Basketball) Jesse Dunn (Softball) 
 John Dunn (Football) Mark Dunn (Baseball)  Colton Edwards (Men's Lacrosse)  Wesley Etheredge (Men's Golf) 
 Chase Feagin (Men's Golf) Ashton Flores (Volleyball)  Austin Ford (Football)  Emily Gaines (Volleyball) 
 Mackenzie Garmany (Women's Basketball) Brooke Garrison (Volleyball)  Khaki Gaston (Women's Basketball)  Matt Gatewood (Baseball) 
 Gabby George (Women's Basketball) Briana Gress (Women's Lacrosse)  Fabien Gutierrez (Men's Lacrosse)   Nick Haas (Football)
 Michael Hanich (Football) Katrina Harden (Softball)  Audrianna Hargitt (Volleyball)  Jon Harrelson (Football) 
 William Harris (Football) Courtney Harville (Women's Golf)  Daisha Henderson (Softball)  Chris Hering (Football) 
 Jesse Herron (Wrestling and Football) Peyton Hill (Women's Basketball)  Josh Hines (Baseball)  D.J. Horner (Men's Lacrosse) 
 Tyler Hosmer (Baseball)  John Iwaniec (Football) Rachel Jackson (Softball)  Charlie Johnson (Men's Basketball) 
 John Jones (Men's Tennis) Malone Kaak (Men's Basketball)  Victoria Krupa (Women's Lacrosse)  Patrick Kucera (Baseball) 
 Garrett Kull (Men's Soccer) Addison Lambeth (Men's Golf)  Jamie Langford (Softball)  Raina Lanier (Softball) 
 John Robert Lawrence (Men's Soccer) Leah Leach (Women's Soccer)  Bridget Lee (Women's Lacrosse)  Brittany MacCartney (Women's Soccer) 
 Anthony Main (Men's Lacrosse) Adam Mann (Football)  Jenna Maschino (Women's Soccer)  Brandon Mattox (Football) 
 Caroline McBroom (Women's Tennis) Jalen McDonald (Football)  Justin McQueen (Men's Tennis)  Miguel Medina (Men's Soccer) 
 Chelsea Messer (Softball) Ethan Miller (Men's Lacrosse)  Wyatt Miller (Wrestling)  Josh Milliman (Baseball) 
 Kalen Morgan (Volleyball) David Munroe (Football)   Andrew Neswiacheny (Football) Austin Ohliger (Men's Lacrosse) 
 Shannen O'Leary (Women's Lacrosse) Hannah Parks (Women's Basketball)   Nicole Payne (Volleyball) Octavia Pendleton (Women's Tennis) 
 Felicia Peoples (Softball) Gunnar Peters (Baseball)  Garrick Pimienta (Football)   Trey Pirtle (Men's Tennis)
 Wyatt Popovich (Men's Basketball) Karter Porter (Men's Soccer)  Kenneth Porter (Men's Lacrosse)  Jen Price (Women's Lacrosse) 
 Alec Raley (Baseball) Lexi Rangel (Volleyball)  Hallie Rice (Women's Golf)  Chad Ring (Men's Golf) 
Shay Roberson (Women's Golf) Scott Robertson (Baseball) Buck Robinson (Football)  Bria Rochelle (Volleyball) 
 Brandon Rockett (Football) Michael Rodda (Baseball)  Abby Rohde (Volleyball)   Lake Romine (Football)
 Kala Rooney (Softball) C.J. Sauce (Baseball)  Austen Saucier (Men's Lacrosse)  Lindsey Selph (Softball) 
 Landon Sessions (Baseball) Jordan Shelby (Football)  Stephen Shephard (Men's Golf)  Cody Shoemaker (Baseball) 
 Eathan Small (Men's Soccer) Cam Smith (Men's Soccer)  Carolyn Smith (Women's Lacrosse)  Jordan Smith (Football) 
 Miles Stading (Men's Lacrosse) Jon Colten Stanaland (Men's Golf)  Deven Still (Women's Basketball)  Stephen Strickland (Football) 
 Adam Swindal (Football) Jessica Swindle (Softball)  Clara Tapplin (Women's Soccer)  Chip Taylor (Football) 
 Damali Thomas (Women's Basketball) Dominique Thomas (Men's Soccer)  Will Thrash (Men's Golf)  Mason Throneberry (Baseball) 
 Wallace Timms (Football) Aaron Triplett (Men's Tennis)  Miguel Vidal (Men's Soccer)  Josie Waddell (Women's Tennis) 
 Clay Walker (Men's Basketball) Dantavious Washington (Men's Basketball)  Destinee Washington (Women's Basketball)   Emily Waters (Women's Tennis)
 Dustin Watson (Football) Zack Watson (Baseball)  Jello Weatherspoon (Women's Basketball)  Mark White (Football) 
 Aaron Williams (Football) Candace Williams (Women's Lacrosse)  Quentourcia Williams (Women's Basketball)  Bobie Wilson (Volleyball) 
 Porsha Wilson (Volleyball) Jakob Works (Men's Lacrosse)  Jacob Wright (Football)  Chase Young (Football) 
 Clara Zubrick (Women's Soccer)