Player Awards and Honors



Women’s Golf Coaches Association

2015: LeeAnn Cahoon (Second-Team)



2019: Vanessa Leiterman (First-Team East Region)

2015: LeeAnn Cahoon (First-Team East Region)


Women’s Golf Coaches Association All-American Scholar

2019: Vanessa Leiterman

2018: Anna Beth Harris, Olivia Hickson, Vanessa Leiterman

2017: Courtney Harville

2016: Courtney Harville

2015: Courtney Harville

2014: Saem Hur, Courtney Harville

2013: Saem Hur


National Golf Coaches Association All-American Scholar Team

2012: Saem Hur, Kaitlin Rozof

2010: Kaitlin Rozof


USA South All-Academic Team

2019: Abigail Cody, *Vanessa Leiterman, *Lexa Marchese

2018: *Olivia Hickson, *Vanessa Leiterman, Lexa Marchese

* Denotes All-Academic With Distinction (Beginning in 2018)

2017: LeeAnn Cahoon, Madi DeWees, Courtney Harville, Morgan Herfindahl, Lexa Marchese

2016: Jessie Culey, Courtney Harville, Hallie Rice, Shay Roberson

2015: LeeAnn Cahoon, Jessie Culey, Courtney Harville, Savannah Humber, Shay Roberson

2014: LeeAnn Cahoon, Courtney Harville, Saem Hur, Sydney Robbins, Shay Roberson