Huntingdon closes out Spring Hill Tournament

Huntingdon closes out Spring Hill Tournament

GULF SHORES, Ala. – The Huntingdon beach volleyball team closed out the Spring Hill Tournament on Sunday with matches against Division II Eckerd College and Division I Austin Peay.

The first-year Hawks fell to Eckerd 5-0 and lost to the Governors 5-0.

In the match with third-year Eckerd (4-2), Huntingdon's No. 1 team of Audrianna Hargitt and Shelby Young went to three games. Hargitt-Young won the first game 23-21 before losing 21-6 and 15-6 in the final two games.

The Hawks' No. 2 team of Bria Rochelle and Alexis Creasman lost 21-11, 21-9, the No. 3 team of Lexie DeVuyst and Alex Hillman fell 21-4, 21-10, the No. 4 team of Gabby Hughes and Kalen Morgan lost 21-5, 21-3 and the No. 5 team of Bethann Bullard and Samm Mamon lost 21-15, 21-4.

Against first-year Austin Peay (2-8), the team of Hargitt-Young fell 21-16, 21-10, Rochelle-Creasman lost 21-10, 21-15, DeVuyst-Hillman lost 21-11, 21-8, Hughes-Morgan lost 21-14, 21-11 and Bullard-Mamon lost 21-10, 21-8.

"Our girls did a great job this weekend. Our focus going into the weekend was to compete and celebrate the small victories, which our girls did a fantastic job of," Huntingdon assistant coach Mary Willis said. "Our No. 1 pair came from behind to take a set from Eckerd College, and we had other pairs play consistently close sets throughout the course of the weekend.

"This weekend has definitely helped us evaluate the strengths and weakness of each pair. The girls are eager to get back to practice to prepare for next weekend."

For the day, Young finished with 25 digs, nine kills and three aces and Hargitt had 16 kills, 13 digs and six blocks. Creasman recorded 14 digs and 13 kills and Rochelle had 28 digs and seven kills.

DeVuyst finished the day with 20 digs and five kills and Hillman recorded 21 digs. Hughes had six digs and five kills and Morgan had seven digs and four kills. Bullard finished with eight digs and Mamon recorded with 10 digs.

Huntingdon will play its first home match on Friday during the first day of the Huntingdon College Beach Tournament. The Hawks open with Division III Stevenson at 4 p.m.


Match Results

vs. Eckerd College

No. 1: Steph Bogda-Rachel Cornatzer (EC)

      def. Shelby Young-Audrianna Hargitt (HC) 21-23, 21-6, 15-6

No. 2: Kaitlyn Sibson-Madison Whiting (EC)

      def. Bria Rochelle-Alexis Creasman (HC) 21-11, 21-9

No. 3: Arielle Erillo-Mackenzie Redner (EC)

      def. Lexie DeVuyst-Alex Hillman (HC) 21-4, 21-10

No. 4: Savanna Cary-Abbie O'Ferrell (EC)

      def. Gabby Hughes-Kalen Morgan (HC) 21-5, 21-3

No. 5: Karie Arnette-Keri McMahon (EC)

      def. Samm Mamon-Bethann Bullard (HC) 21-15, 21-4


vs. Austin Peay

No. 1: Kristen Stucker-Ginny Gerig (APSU)

      def. Shelby Young-Audrianna Hargitt (HC) 21-16, 21-10

No. 2: Christina White-Jenna Panning (APSU)

      def. Bria Rochelle-Alexis Creasman (HC) 21-10, 21-15

No. 3: Kaitlyn Teeter-MiMi Arrington (APSU)

      def. Lexie DeVuyst-Alex Hillman (HC) 21-11, 21-8

No. 4: Allie O'Reilly-Kaylee Taff (APSU)

      def. Gabby Hughes-Kalen Morgan (HC) 21-14, 21-11

No. 5: Ashley Slay-April Adams (APSU)

      def. Samm Mamon-Bethann Bullard (HC) 21-10, 21-8